Why Rich Lawrence Photography?

                   I am a professional wedding photographer cornwall, devon, plymouth.                   

I first took an interest in photography at school, it was one of only a few schools that taught photography as an 'O' level. This gave me an excellent grounding and very soon I was totally hooked, doing my own developing, printing and photographing - everything I could.

Over the years my passion developed mainly towards natural history but I soon found myself covering weddings, social events, portraits etc. Well that was a long time ago but even then with my early wedding photography I tried to capture more than just plain old wedding pictures, I wanted to capture more of the wedding atmosphere which is now the norm for every wedding. 

I really believe you need passion and flare to take wedding photography to another level and make a truly great timeless album.


Rich Lawrence


You can call me on: 07964021826,  contact me  or  send me an email picsbyrichard@gmail.com


I do tend to be out and about a fair bit so don't hesitate to leave a message and I will get back to you.

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